The Sound of Philadelphia – XtraZ goes international again.

The Sound of Philadelphia is an American / French / Belgian co-production by, among others, production house ‘GapBusters’ under the direction of Jeremie Guez. Mathias Schoenaerts , Ryan Phillippe (known from ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer & Shooter’), Garett Hedlund (‘Troy’ & ‘Tron: Legacy’), Paul Schneider (‘Parks and Recreations’) &   Maika Monroe (‘ Independence Day 2 ‘) take the lead roles.

The recordings are partly in Belgium (Antwerp region) and partly in the USA. For the Belgian part XtraZ is responsible for the figuration, edelfiguration and light doubles of the actors.

The recordings are scheduled between 12 February and 8 March 2019

Light Double Casting Calls:

In Philadelphia, literally “the city of brotherly love,” Peter helplessly sees his sister being hit by a car driven by a protégé of the Italian underworld. His father, gnawed by the death of his child, tries to take revenge and pays the price, precipitating the rest of his family in chaos.

Thirty years later, Peter still feels terribly guilty of his sister’s death. As he tries to distance himself from his family’s business, his cousin Michael, with whom he grew up, takes the lead as head of the Irish Mafia.

Torn between his unconditional loyalty to Michael and the life of violence he can no longer endure, Peter tries to help him. But Michael becomes more and more cruel to his cousin, not hesitating to support where it hurts. Still, Peter refuses to betray him when the Italian mafia asks Michael’s head.


Color – 120 minutes
Language of filming: 
Beginning of the shoot: 
End of the shoot: 
Shooting time: 
46 days
Zero copy: 
Filming locations:

 België and USA (Philadelphia)

As part of its 92nd session, Wallimage is investing €1.5 million in nine projects, including three Belgian feature films.

In its last round of funding in 2018, Wallimage Coproductions has chosen to support three new French-speaking Belgian films: The Son of Bigfoot 2, the sequel to the film by Ben Stassen and Jérémie Degruson, La Ruche, Christophe Hermans‘ first feature film, and Animals, the new film by Nabil Ben Yadir.

The Son of Bigfoot 2 is the sequel to The Son of Bigfoot, released in 2017, which attracted more than eight million viewers worldwide. The film is an nWave production, the company created by Ben Stassen a few years ago, a leading 3D animation outfit in the European and global markets. Ben Stassen will also be releasing his latest film in April, The Queen’s Corgi, which is hotly anticipated.

Christophe Hermans has distinguished himself thus far with various short films and documentaries. His first feature, La Ruche, stars the young actress Sophie Breyer, discovered in the TV series La Trêve,and the French actress Ludivine Sagnier. The film was produced by Frakas.

Wallimage will also be supporting Nabil Ben Yadir’s new film (Les Barons, La Marche, Blind Spot). It tackles a very painful subject, the murder of a young man in Liege, tortured overnight by four men simply because he was gay. The title of the film is taken from a sentence pronounced during the torturers’ trial: “We are not animals!” The film will be produced by 10:80, the outfit founded by the director and producer Benoît Roland (Wrong Men), who has also previously worked on Patser by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, and Lukas by Julien Leclercq.

Wallimage has allocated funding to three European genre films: The Shift by Alessandro Tonda, a co-production between Tarantula and the Italian company Notorious Pictures, The Sound of Philadelphia by Jérémie Guez (the screenwriter of Lukas),starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Garrett Hedlund, co-produced in Belgium by Gapbusters, produced by Killer Films in the USA and by Cheyenne Films in France, and Morsures by Romain de Saint-Blanquat, co-produced by Velvet Films in Belgium and produced by Easy Tiger in France.

Matthias Schoenaerts (Rust And Bone), Garrett Hedlund (Mudbound) and Scoot McNairy (Argo) are lining up for The Sound Of Philadelphia, Jérémie Guez’s crime story set in the violent world of the Philadelphia mob.

Protagonist Pictures has boarded international sales ahead of Cannes. Endeavor Content is representing North America.

French writer-director Guez is plotting the project hot off the heels of his debut feature as a director, the thriller A Bluebird In My Heart, premiering at this year’s SXSW festival in Texas. He is most known as a crime novelist and screenwriter of films including Ares and Carnivores.

Producers are Christine Vachon and David Hinojosa from US outfit Killer Films and Julien Madon and Aimée Buidine from French outfit Cheyenne Films. The project is a France-Belgium-US co-production and will shoot on location in Philadelphia in August 2018.

In the film, eight-year-old Peter Flood helplessly watches on as his baby sister is killed by his neighbour’s reckless driving. Peter’s father, tormented by his daughter’s death, pays a high price when he seeks revenge – the results of which leave lasting generational wounds that cannot be healed. Twenty years later, an adult Peter (Schoenaerts) still wrestles with the guilt he feels over his sister’s death. As he tries to distance himself from the family business, his cousin, Michael (Hedlund), with whom he was raised, grows ever more powerful in the criminal hierarchy. Bonded by blood, neither cousin can outrun the logic of violence as they’re dragged further into a chilling cycle of betrayal and retribution.

“We leapt at the chance to work with the teams at Killer Films and Cheyenne on this super smart and stylish mob thriller. Jérémie Guez is an incredible talent and with such an amazing ensemble of actors in place, we can’t wait to discuss The Sound Of Philadelphia with buyers in Cannes,” commented Protagonist CEO Dave Bishop.

Protagonist’s Cannes slate also features Hope Dickson Leach’s The Cradle starring Jack O’Connell and Lily Collins.

Triple Frontier is released on Netflix!March 13, 2019
20 days to go.
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