The Sound of Philadelphia – XtraZ goes international again.

The Sound of Philadelphia is an American / French / Belgian co-production by, among others, production house ‘GapBusters’ under the direction of Jeremie Guez. Mathias Schoenaerts , Ryan Phillippe (known from ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer & Shooter’), Garett Hedlund (‘Troy’ & ‘Tron: Legacy’), Paul Schneider (‘Parks and Recreations’) &   Maika Monroe (‘ Independence Day 2 ‘) take the lead roles.

The recordings are partly in Belgium (Antwerp region) and partly in the USA. For the Belgian part XtraZ is responsible for the figuration, edelfiguration and light doubles of the actors.

The recordings are scheduled between 12 February and 8 March 2019

Light Double Casting Calls:

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