In Philadelphia, literally “the city of brotherly love,” Peter helplessly sees his sister being hit by a car driven by a protégé of the Italian underworld. His father, gnawed by the death of his child, tries to take revenge and pays the price, precipitating the rest of his family in chaos.

Thirty years later, Peter still feels terribly guilty of his sister’s death. As he tries to distance himself from his family’s business, his cousin Michael, with whom he grew up, takes the lead as head of the Irish Mafia.

Torn between his unconditional loyalty to Michael and the life of violence he can no longer endure, Peter tries to help him. But Michael becomes more and more cruel to his cousin, not hesitating to support where it hurts. Still, Peter refuses to betray him when the Italian mafia asks Michael’s head.


Color – 120 minutes
Language of filming: 
Beginning of the shoot: 
End of the shoot: 
Shooting time: 
46 days
Zero copy: 
Filming locations:

 België and USA (Philadelphia)

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